Let’s talk Maxi dresses!

Okay so i didn’t use to be a maxi dress kind of girl. I was in that category of people that always thought maxi dresses were for older women, then once in a while I caught wind of a maxi dress that convinced me otherwise. And style choices should always sprout from inspiration, right?!

I tried a maxi dress from Dede’s classics (@dedesclassics on Instagram) and now you can call me the (maxi chef). I know you’re probably thinking I’m hyping and you’re still of the notion that maxi dresses are boring. If you have time now check out Dede’s classics and you’ll see that maxi dresses can be very stylish.

Most people don’t get it right but Dede’s classics lays emphasis on your waist and so most of their maxis have a cinched waist line which shows your curves just right.

Maxi dresses are so comfy and can be worn to buffets and you can eat all you want without no one seeing your stomach bulge, LoL IKR!?. So foodies you see I gat you ?😊

I’m seeing tons of amazing maxi dresses from different retailers these days , and what better way to go for that weekend party or cocktail event than in your maxi by Dede’s Classics.

To keep the look sophisticated and dare I say office-appropriate (depending on the environment, of course), You can pair a maxi dress with flats. It adds just the right amount of ease a maxi dress calls for. I prefer to pair them with heels though just because Aunty Akos can 🙄.

Until my next post, live life to the Max! I almost did something there.


Aunty Akos.

Let’s talk about Evita Joseph Brush Shapers!

This innovative idea by Evita Joseph will make your brushes thank you! Lol what am I blabbing about? Let’s talk about our investment. Still don’t get me? Here we go:

We all invest so much in quality sets of make up brushes because ‘get the right tool for the right job’ and what not. But most of the time, after buying them, we forget to give our brushes the TLC they deserve. Even though we use these tools on our faces EVERYDAY, we leave them to sit on a bathroom shelf , make up bags or in a vanity jar, with no protection, while other products are carefully stored and covered. How do we take care of our brushes?

Here comes the Evita Joseph Brush shaper to the rescue! What it essentially does is, it stretches and molds to snugly fit the shape and size of any brush!

Basically, keeping the bristles in shape till next usage. How cool is that? All you do is slip them over every brush when it is not in use and it serves as a protective cover, helping to preserve the brush’s original shape and quality.

They’re perfect for travel so you get to keep your brushes safe and intact and covered whether you’re at home or on the go.

I’m here for this. If you are too and care about those expensive brushes you’ve invested in, then get you Evita Brush shapers and let’s keep our investments safe!

Till my next post, let’s keep those brushes in shape!


Aunty Akos

Let’s Eat Chicken and Waffles

I know I’m always eating but that’s why you’re also here. * Giggles* I’m on a ‘there’s food at home’ journey this week  and I’m loving it. I saw my Instagram boo @esasina18 do it last week and I decided when she’s done with hers, I’m sure taking this baton and keeping the #thereisfoodathome race in motion.

So today. I made beer battered chicken and waffles for lunch. Here’s how I made it:





  • 1 1/2 pounds chicken breast halves
  •  1 cup all-purpose flour
  •  2 egg yolks, beaten
  • 1/2 cup cold beer (I used Club beer because ‘beer de3 3noaa ne club”)
  •  3 cups oil for frying
  •  1/2 cup all-purpose flour
  • Pepper powder (white, black, red_ your choice



  1. Rinse chicken, and slice into 1 inch strips and save some as they come for pan frying. In a bowl, stir together 1 cup flour and pepper powder. Mix in the egg yolk  and beer whisked mix.
  2. Heat oil in a deep heavy skillet to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C).
  3. Place remaining 1/2 cup flour in a small bowl with chicken powder seasoning (that’s if you like pepper like me). Coat chicken strips in flour, then dip floured strips into the batter. Fry a few at a time in hot oil, turning once, until coating is golden brown on both sides.
  4. Pan fry the halves that haven’t been cut also. Coat in flour and the dip into batter. Many fry until golden brown. Remove, and keep warm until serving.





  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  •  1 teaspoon salt
  •  4 teaspoons baking powder
  •  2 tablespoons sugar (I used brown sugar)
  •  eggs 2
  •  1 1/2 cups warm milk
  •  1/3 cup butter, melted
  •  1 teaspoon vanilla extract



  1. In a large bowl, mix together flour, salt, baking powder and sugar; set aside. Pre-heat waffle iron to desired temperature.
  2. In a separate bowl, beat the eggs. Stir in the milk, butter and vanilla. Pour the milk mixture into the flour mixture; beat until blended.
  3. Ladle the batter into the preheated waffle iron. Cook the waffles until golden and crisp.


Now that we are done with both, we serve. I usually have my ‘kpakpo’ green pepper sauce in the fridge so I put a little of that in a sauce bowl and some honey in the another sauce bowl because I like sweet with a kick of spicy. Ha!

I’m extra so I cut up some of the waffles and skewered the crispy fried chicken with it.

We live to eat another day.


Akosua Didi



Rice Pudding Cake

I’m not a chef but I LOVE cooking and experimenting with ingredients. Listen! If I tell you this is rice water with some one two one two add ons baked in the oven eh, you wouldn’t believe me but it is. It tastes so good, you’d want to bake your rice water always *My Ghanaian family understand*.

Let’s get right into it!

This serves 4 people in Ghana portions *giggles*


• 3 large eggs, separated

• Boiling water

• 1 cup uncooked long grain rice

• Water

• 4 cups milk

• 3/4 cup butter, softened

• 1 cup sugar

• 2 tablespoons grated orange zest

• 2 tablespoons flour

• Icing sugar


• Wash rice and add milk to it. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat; cover and simmer for 15-20 minutes or until rice is tender; set aside.

• Separate egg whites from yoke and set aside.

• In a large bowl, cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Fold in egg yolks. Add the rice mixture and orange zest. Beat egg whites until stiff; fold into batter. Spoon into a greased 10-in. tube pan.

• Bake at 350° for 55-60 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Immediately invert pan; cool completely, about 1 hour.Run a knife around side and center tube of pan. Remove cake to a serving plate.

• Dust with Icing sugar and maybe a drizzle of honey. Serve warm or chilled.

At this point your fork should be ready *laughs*. If you’re like my friend Keni, you’re also doing a little dance at this point.

Also there’s always rice at home, try new recipes.


Akosua Didi

Pineapple Banana Smoothie

Let’s not drag this. You’re only here for the recipe but I’ll still do a little talking. Lol! So last night I spotted a fruit seller on my way home from work and decided on the spot what I wanted to make looking at the fruits on her vending table. So I got myself bananas and a pineapple. See? I didn’t talk too much. Let’s go make ourselves a Pineapple Banana Smoothie



4 small bananas (peeled and cut into chunks)

1 cup pineapple (cutbinto chunks)

1/2 cup skimmed milk

Instructions (Fruits are frozen 4hrs or more)

1. Combine pineapple, skimmed milk and banana into a blender. Blend until smooth.

2. Pour and serve immediately.

3. Drizzle with honey or seeds or topping of choice. (Optional)

That drizzle of honey gave it an extra kick. But you have it your way. And oh, cut and froze my fruits overnight because I like my smoothie ‘thiiiiick’.

Have a Fruitful Day!


Akosua Didi

Fruisicle! Have fun eating healthy..


Fruisicle! Fruits + Popsicle, get it? Get it? I know you do. lol!

So I went on a clean dieting ‘thingy’ in the latter part of 2018 and I experimented with my healthy ingredients to make my journey fun and exciting. And oh! The juice! If you are in Ghana, check out www.novigh.com. They deliver everything you need in the kitchen to your doorstep. Also follow @akosuadidi on Instagram to see more photos of what I cook and go out to eat.

Okay, so on to the business of the day, The Fruisicle. This is pretty simple to make, so let’s get right into it.


  • 1 apple
  • Half of a medium sized pineapple


What you Need:

  • A popsicle mold (bought mine from Melcom)
  • A chopping Board
  • A knife
  • Strainer
  • Cup


How to Prepare:

  1. Cut pineapple into two, dice first part.
  2. Blend second part in a blender and sieve juice with a strainer.
  3. Dice apple too.
  4. Place diced pineapples and apples in popsicle mold.
  5. Pour sieved Pineapple juice in molds till full.
  6. Gently tap the molds on the countertop to remove any air bubbles. Insert the popsicle sticks, and then freeze for at least 6 hours, or overnight.
  7. Overnight freezing is the safest bet, and something to look forward to the next day!

fruisicle 2.jpg


Remove Popsicles from molds under warm water for ten to fifteen seconds. Slowly and carefully remove each popsicle. If the popsicles remain in the mold, run them under the warm water for a few more seconds, ensuring not to melt the pops. Freeze or eat immediately!

You can mix any fruit of choice and have it our way.



Akosua Didi

..once upon a thought on a bench

Have you ever been told to bottle your emotions when you were already done popping cork off,  for a later date? How do you put the cork back?

Have you had to cry your heart out because there was no one else to pour out those emotions to?

Have you ever thought something out so well it went south? Planned a fairy tale trip in your head only for what the eyes can see to actualize into something totally different?

Dreams.. Sometimes I think they are the results of our illusions.. I don’t know what..

Sometimes I wish I lived in my dreams (except for when I have nightmares) .. Smiling, cutting cakes, holding hands, beach walking.. Then I wake up to the reality.. Myself and my two pillows.

wondering, where am I?

Buy It Now! Thrift glam finds under 50ghc!

When I started Duafethriftfinds, I had no idea what the response could be. I was amazed when my first sale sold out under 2hrs!

It seems that there is quite a revolution in online thrifting in Ghana. Getting into a sweaty mess on weekends just so I can find beautiful pieces of clothing at the lowest of prices was worth it. A beautiful prance. A treasure hunt. Whatever you want to call it, I’m just trying to get clothes at the lowest prices I can find.

I always knew fashion played a role in this messy life of mine. When I put together pieces of clothing and they synchronize, I’m like ‘giiiiiirrrl’ you’re it! Sometimes the matchy-matchy I do in my imagination backfires but that’s also part of the fun of thrift life. I believe that even though fashion doesn’t cure my health issues or fix all or any of my problems at all (even though my inner self tells me it does sometimes. lol) … it lightens my mood and lifts my spirit a little more to get  me through the day, sometimes till the next day. I for one, I find peace in dressing up. It’s funny but that’s my reality.

Sometimes that’s all we need when it feels like the whole world is crashing down… A pretty outfit you didn’t have to pull out nose hairs to buy and an empty smile.

So with my love for finding fashion treasures and with the help of my amazing sisters, I decided to let the world in on my treasure island. At a little cost of course, I set up @duafethriftfinds on Instagram. The feedback has been amazing. Girls get to glam up at almost no cost at all, and I get to do well, the dirty work, or what I already enjoy doing to get it to them, corner roaming. I enjoy it, it’s almost like no work at all for me. I pick out stuff I would wear myself so every piece is carefully thought out before finding its way  into our shopping bag!

When my sisters say to me, ‘you know even if your outfit is not a thrift find people will assume it is’, I tell them, as long as I’m looking nice I’m good!

And thank you to my main pillar from the word go, my creative director from my University internship, Kojo Blebu, who gave me guidance at no cost at all.

Follow @passiboo on Instagram to see how I style my thrift finds from here on.


Dress, slipper, bag : Duafethriftfinds


High low top: Duafethriftfinds 

Follow @duafethriftfinds on Instagram.

Pinned to A Rock at Sea

You know what it is like to feel like you’re sinking in a tide and can’t swim to any shore and there’s absolutely no help from anywhere whatsoever?.
To have thought your life was all perfect and going smooth till it hits a large rock.. water penetrates your ship, everyone on board with you gets into life boats and save themselves.. but it’s your ship and you can’t leave it.. so after everyone is gone and you’re all alone, your only refuge is yourself, your own self.. no one to talk to.. no one to listen to you.. all who would have listened to you want you to be perfect.. they expect you to never hit a rock .. just keep moving like an automated robot..
I played myself.. gave too much of myself out, leaving nothing for me.. I feel empty.. so many times I feel it’s time to end this thing called life.. nothing seems to be working, nothing.. but who do I talk to? Who’ll listen to me without being judgmental? I’ve spent my whole life caring about everyone but me, taking care of everyone but me, putting my feelings aside just so I wouldn’t hurt people.. just so those people would be happy.. have I cared about me? Absolutely not!..
Have you loved someone and they don’t reciprocate? Not even try, no effort, just play with your emotions because you’re vulnerable.. taking advantage of your weak heart.. 
You swim so far away from this shark because you think you’ve watched its circling and have timed its speed per second and all.. you dive with a head start full of life only for it to catch up with you.. this is the routine for the whole time you’re on your safe rock in the sea.. it is hard for you because it lives in the water, it knows the water, you don’t.. you only have your instincts and your waterproof timer watch..  
Alone with my thoughts at sea..

His magic wand.. Dawn’s ‘not so little’ secrets

The kind of stories I hear from my male friends about what they go through with ladies always crack me up. Most of the time, my thoughts are, “Can’t young ladies be a little creative with their lies?” That is not to suggest that I’m creative with my lies or will be when I find myself in their shoes. Very tight shoes those are, I must confess. So to you guys crushing on me, don’t worry, I tell no lies. Well… I… never mind. I’m not the main character of the story here.

So here goes….

I was in bed dreading work on Monday morning when my phone started ringing at 4am. Yes, frigging 4am! Clearly whoever was calling was the devil’s intern. Because why would any sane person call at 4am if he didn’t have witchcraft tendencies? I was so mad at myself for keeping my phone so close to my pillow. Sheesh! I had to pretend the phone was ringing in my dream to keep myself from waking up but no, it looked like the caller really wanted to be my alarm that morning. I woke up to find it was my friend so I picked up.      

Him: “Are you sleeping?”                                                                                                                                                                             

Me: “No, I’m on my farm harvesting my crops!”

What else should I be doing at 4am? Clearing traffic in the skies for the witches returning home?

He goes straight to why he called as if I wasn’t sounding sleepy enough.

He had called his girlfriend to find out where she was. She told him she was sleeping out at a hotel that night because she was bored and wanted to be away from her hostel. I immediately rose from whatever half sleep I was in and sat on my bed. “What? You believed that, young man? I thought to myself.

Of course he did. To the point that when she is bored and wants to be away from her hostel, his house and him are not even enough to cheer her up? Okay, okay young man. 

Then she picked up a fight from nowhere and hang up on him. At this point I could not control my laughter but I had to listen to the whole story so I shut it.

Young man went out with his friends and thought about what his girlfriend had told him over the phone. The whole night out, he was in deep thought. He called his girl from time to time to apologize, in a quest to get things back to normal. Obviously she was still mad at him for reasons only known to her. On his way back home around 3:45am, he decided to swing by her hostel because his thoughts were still not clear on what had happened. Young detective had to work based on his instincts now. Young man walking around at dawn like he is a single-spine earning policeman. Hmm.

He got to the hostel, parked outside instead of driving in like he always does. With his chest held high, he walked in so no one would notice he was around.

He got to the door and the key to the room was in the key hole outside. Okay so he thought, maybe, just maybe she left her key with a friend who shared a room with others but wanted to get her ‘jiggy on’ tonight. I had to talk now because he seemed to be drowned in love and needed to be slapped back to reality. So I said “Probably she has given one of her room keys to someone who comes to visit her at dawn for dawn prayers.” Now I could not control my laughter anymore. Young man! Wake up! Even I was sleeping and I am wide awake now! 


So he goes on… He stood there for close to thirty minutes and finally decided to open the door. Right in front of him was his girlfriend. The girl who was mad at him. The girl who said she was not in her hostel but was in hotel room. There she was under a young man moaning and sweating her supposed anger away. My friend almost cried considering how he trusted her. The man who was enjoying the fruit of someone’s labour got dressed and vanished in a matter of seconds. Now our girlfriend. She leaped out of her bed, wore her skirt and what came out of her mouth was “It was a sex scene from a movie on the television”. All this while she was fixing the television. 

At this point I could not control my laughter anymore. Young man! You were there listening to all this? This? Looks like it. A scene from a movie without a crew and directors around? The movie was being shot by spirits?

He told her to leave him alone and continue whatever he had started with the young man. He walked to his car and drove off leaving her in tears. She has been calling and sending messages about how she will grow to be a better person for him. Now I have to think of what to do about all this since it won’t be long before she contacts me to beg him for her. But I have to be on the fence till I fall, Humpty Dumpty style.


Moral of the story?

Never get yourself into a relationship if you are not funny enough to cheer her up with your magic wand at dawn.